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Short Biography

Peggy Cunningham and her husband have served as missionaries in Bolivia, South America, since 1981. They work with the Quechua people and have a children's ministry.

Peggy is also a writer. Her story, "Stolen Ice Cube," is included in the bestselling romance book, Heart Bouquets, published by Write Integrity Press in February 2013.

In 2013, she signed a three-book contract with Pix-N-Pens Publishing for her three-book children's series, Really Rare Rabbits. Her first devotional for adults, Dancing Like Bees, released in 2016. In January 2018, her new children's four-book series, Hooray for Holidays will release by Pix-N-Pens Publishing. Summer of 2018 her new devotional, Shape Your Soul will release, also by Pix-N-Pens Publishing/Write Integrity Press. All Peggy's books are available on, Barnes and Noble, and can be ordered at local book stores and Ingram.

Book 1 of Peggy's new children series is available for pre-order on Amazon:

Detailed Biography

A missionary for more than 30 years, Peggy Cunningham has worked with children since her first days in Bolivia, South America. But, when she became a grandmother her love for children deepened in a whole new way. A visit from her grandchildren to her home in Bolivia awakened a part of her she didn't know existed––the writer within her soul. After her grandchildren had returned home to the United States, she wondered how she could continue bonding with the children in spite of the vast distance that separated them from each other. So, she began writing stories about the animals at Rumi Rancho, the home and ministry base of Peggy and her husband, Chuck. She thought the stories would help them remember their trip and their grandparents. In 2003, these stories became the nine-book series Rumi Rancho Tails, self-published by the Cunninghams. Most of the 10,000 books printed were sold through her ministry contacts. Subsequently, her life changed, and her writing journey began.

After attending a writer's conference in 2010, Peggy knew that God was leading her to write for Him. She began honing her skills and submitting her work to different genres: devotions, children's stories, short stories, and romance stories. She's contributed to seven anthologies, including: I Believe in Healing by Cecil Murphey, Angels, Miracles, and Heavenly Encounters by James Stuart Bell, and the award winning and bestselling book, Grandparenting Through Obstacles, by Renee Gray-Wilburn and Dianne Butts. She's been published in books, magazines and online publications. Some of her works appear in Thriving Family/Focus on the Family, Jill Briscoe's magazine, Just Between Us, Devotions and The Christian Communicator. She also wrote a children's column for The Voice of Grace and Truth, a tri-state Christian newspaper published in Philadelphia, Pa.  Her story, "Stolen Ice Cube," is included in the bestselling romance book, Heart Bouquets, published by Write Integrity Press in February 2013.

In 2013, Peggy signed a three-book contract with Pix-N-Pens Publishing for her children's book series, Really Rare Rabbits. The first book was released in March 2013 and is available on at:

Really Rare Rabbits

Really Rare Rabbits is now available as a Kindle Edition, too.

Find Peggy online at her:


Really Rare Rabbits: Giant Ghost Rabbits Guarding the Inca Treasure Fires

Chi Chi and Fi Fi are part of a family of giant rabbits. The young rabbits live on a mountain in Bolivia where their ancestors landed with their owners, the Quechua Indians, when they escaped from Machu Picchu as the Spaniards invaded the Inca Empire in Peru. You won't see them on the mountain unless you look very close, but you will hear them giggling. A very old legend tells of their unbelievable size and their truly unusual job, protecting a treasure of gold left behind on the mysterious rocky mountain by their owners of long ago. Every night they sit by the fires, near where they think the treasures are buried. But, one day they hear about a new Light on the mountain that never burns out. Even though Chi Chi and Fi Fi are supposed to stay well hidden during the day, they decide to venture down the mountain to peer in the missionaries' windows. That is when their dangerous adventure begins.

Book 2

Book 3

Devotional for Adults

New Children's Storybook Series Releasing January 2018
Book 1 now available for pre-order on Amazon  

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Peggy Cunningham loves being a missionary and never thought she'd desire to do anything else––until she began to write. She considers herself blessed to be called of the Lord to a ministry in missions and writing.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Peggy, please contact her through this website at the contact page.

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