Heart-Warming Holiday Stories for Children

   Animal antics draw children in with vivid illustrations
   Historical tidbits are sprinkled throughout
   Stories end with Bible principles

   While learning history and Bible lessons, children will be entertained and giggle with delight at the humorous and whimsical animals and critters that will find a place in their hearts.

Hooray for Holidays Series: Books 1-4

Hooray for Holidays Book 1:

Enjoy three heart-warming holiday stories in one book with adorable animal antics, history tidbits, and Bible principles plus beautiful artwork. While learning history and Bible principles, children will be entertained and giggle with delight at the humorous and whimsical animals and critters that will find a place in their hearts forever. This four-book series,Hooray for Holidays, is fun for all––even the titles are fun.

Book 1 includes:
Hooray for New Year’s Day!: Quasi’s Hairy, Scary New Friend: The Creepy Creature Under the Stairs.
Hooray for Valentine’s Day!: A Pony’s Precious Love Story 
Hooray for President’s Day!: Finding Rumi Rancho: An Honest Tale of Two Lost and Lonely Kittens

Hooray for New Year's Day! Quasi's Hairy, Scary New Friend. Celebrate the New Year with Quasimodo the cat and his new scary, hairy friend, Tito the Tarantula who becomes new in a spectacular way.

Hooray for Valentine's Day! A Pony's Precious Love Story. What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with a love story of two lonely ponies who find each other at last?

Hooray for President's Day! Finding Rumi Rancho. It starts out sad, but the last story is a happy ending story when two lost kittens find a forever home and learn about two famous and honest men on President's Day. While learning history and Bible lessons, children will be entertained and giggle with delight at the humorous and whimsical animals and critters that will find a place in their hearts forever.

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Hooray for Holidays: Book 2

Then, enjoy Children's Day and discover how George the Saint Bernard learns to be obedient to his parents after leaving his yard without permission and tumbling into the beautiful cactus house of his friend Artie the Armadillo––ouch!

And, finally, party on the Fourth of July and say, "Happy Birthday America" with Kelsey, the Shih Tzu. Experience the history of the Fourth of July, the Declaration of Independence, and the first birthday party of our country on July 4th, 1777––a long time ago.

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    Hooray for Holidays: Book 3

     Celebrate Bolivia’s Independence Day with Pepe the pesky parrot’s story. Pepe’s unexpected journey starts with a bump on his head in the jungles of Bolivia and ends in the Andes Mountains where he finds a new home and family. It’s there Pepe discovers it’s better to be helpful than pesky. Then, Pepe even agrees to say a few words at a school program on August 6, Bolivia’s birthday.

      Then, enjoy a picnic on Labor Day with Wally the Watchdog and his friend Heidi, the German Shepherd. Wally is a guard dog and Heidi helps her dad fix cars––she carries tools to him. But on Labor Day, they are having fun and resting from their work. Wally asks Heidi, “Do you think there will be cars in heaven? Maybe I could drive in heaven. I can dream, can’t I?”

Finally, Columbus Day remembers a dangerous journey of an adventurous man called Christopher Columbus. He set sail from Spain to find Asia, but his journey ended by getting lost. Cali the cat got lost too when she set out and wandered far from her barn. But, both Christopher Columbus and Cali found something better than they could have imagined after getting lost. Columbus found the Americas and Cali found her dream-life.

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Hooray for Holidays: Book 4

Hooray for Veterans Day! Celebrate Veterans Day with Gypsy, a special-needs cat. She can't hear, but she knows sign language. Gypsy's best buddy, Quasi, is also a special needs cat. Because of an injury from a fall, Quasi can't jump, climb to high places or run. But, he can help Gypsy when she's in danger. When danger approaches, Quasi risks his life to keep Gypsy safe––just like our veterans did for us.

Hooray for Thanksgiving! Enjoy the first Thanksgiving with the McBlew family. They are a family of blue mice, but they also have another strange family uniqueness. On a long voyage in a big ship, the Mayflower, the meet their new friend, Sarah, who keeps them hidden and safe in the belly of the ship. Arriving in the New World, they face many dangers, but their new friend, Squanto, helps them.

Hooray for Christmas! Experience Christmas Day with Paco, a little Quechua boy. When Paco treks up the mountain with his sheep, thunder suddenly roars and raindrops pound his head. He runs for cover and almost falls down a slippery cliff. Bolting to a nearby cave, Paco stops abruptly before entering. It's dark inside, but that's not what scares Paco. It's the two bright eyes peering through the darkness that makes him shiver.

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Train in God's Gym:
Exercise Guru Not Required

Shape Your Soul:
31 Exercises for Faith that Moves Mountains

Climb new heights of faith—move mountains of unbelief.

Embark on a journey to a healthy body and soul. Let your mind soar with condors at heights of 14,000 feet over the majestic Andes Mountains and challenge your soul to trust God while you trek through jungles at sea level––two paradigms of the author’s 31 stories. Train in God’s Gym and work out the difficult circumstances of your proverbial mountains and jungles. Each chapter also includes suggested physical exercises with biblical applications. 

Shape Your Soul seeks to equip you for God’s purpose and plan of your life.

Experience miracles, supernatural encounters, and everyday blessings of living for God through real-life stories of an ordinary, cowgirl boots and jeans kind of missionary gal who encounters the same physical and spiritual challenges as you––although different circumstances. 

Aspire to live in freedom—free to live according to God’s Word and experience His power and love. Allow God to stretch you and warm you up to a life of soul exercising daily! Learn to exercise your faith muscles on your spiritual mat. And, you don’t have to be an exercise guru to train in God’s Gym. 

Enter God’s Gym and exercise your body and soul so you can seize difficult life-mountains, in God’s strength, and move them!

Each chapter of SHAPE YOUR SOUL will:

*Inspire spiritual growth with stories of faith, adventures, and undeniable God moments.
*Suggest a physical exercise at the end of each chapter that also correlates with biblical applications.
*Encourage you to exercise your faith muscles so you'll soon notice the movable mountains in your path.

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The buzz about the book:

Where was God?
Didn't He see them in the middle of a foreign country with no help?

Frustrated and exhausted, Peggy walked the mission property early mornings to slip away temporarily from her caregiver duties and meet with the Savior. Her husband suffered from a bout with shingles that left him in constant pain with no relief––not even with morphine. Months turned into years. Countless doctors tried their best but with no success. 

Where was God? Didn’t He see them in the middle of a foreign country with no help? Hadn’t they given their lives to serve as missionaries and trusted Him for their health? She wept as she sat near a flowerbed filled with daisies. 

Just then, the buzz of bees drew her attention. They danced peacefully from flower to flower doing the job God created them to do, even as a storm approached. She noticed a pattern. If bees could be joyful and peaceful in all circumstances, surely she could find a way. 

Through the thirty-one devotions, this book examines what Peggy learned about God’s intricate creation of the honeybee and how it speaks direction into our need for living peaceful, productive lives while overcoming stress and achieving joy. God is faithful always, and His creation magnifies His majesty if we take time to seek Him in everyday situations––even through the honeybee.

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Really Rare Rabbits Series Books 1-3

Really Rare Rabbits Book 3 
Over the Winding Wall 

Chi Chi watches as Fi Fi slides down Al Alpaca's fuzzy back. They bid farewell to the new friend they met on their adventure through Peppermint Pass. Now, the brother and sister head down the yellow dandelion trail to the Winding Wall where Grandfather Rabbit waits for them. But, first they must venture through the mysterious jungle of Selvaland.

They've heard a scary story about giant ghost geese who live in Selvaland. Chi Chi shrugs it off, but Fi Fi is frightened. He assures her it is just a story. After all, their friend Al wouldn't send them into Selvaland if danger lurked there. 

Chi Chi soon changes his mind when they meet Hotchie, a strange looking creature guarding the entrance of Selvaland. But, Hotchie is not the scariest creature they will meet along the way. When the rabbits stop to rest, their fears mount. Fi Fi trembles, but Chi Chi encourages her to believe God's Word that says, "Trust the Lord forever, for in God the Lord, we have an everlasting Rock." Chi Chi doesn't know how much he and Fi Fi will need to trust the Lord all the way to the Winding Wall––and beyond!

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Really Rare Rabbits Book 2: 
The Secret at Peppermint Pass

There on the mountaintop stood at least ten giant green ghosts. They were real.

Fi Fi and her brother heard about Jesus when they ventured down their mountain in Bolivia and peered into the windows of the missionaries’ house. Now, she and Chi Chi are starting a long journey to meet Grandfather who went to visit his Inca relatives of long ago. He’s waiting for them at the mysterious Winding Wall. But first, they must journey through secretive Peppermint Pass.

She’s heard stories of giant green ghosts at Peppermint Pass, and she sure doesn’t want to meet any ghosts––especially giant green ones––along the way. So, the morning they leave for the big trip, Fi Fi tells her brother about her fears. Chi Chi waves them off as just stories. While Fi Fi still trembles, she remembers a Bible verse tucked away in her racing heart, “Do not fear; I will help you.” Isaiah 41:13 (NIV)

Fi Fi realizes why it is so important to memorize Scripture––so it stays in your heart always and comes back to you when you need it. Even so, she has no idea how much she and her brother will need to call on God for help to rescue them from the dangers that await on their journey through Peppermint Pass. 

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Really Rare Rabbits
Book 1: Guarding the Inca Treasure Fires

Chi Chi and his sister Fi Fi are part of a family of giant rabbits. The young rabbits live on a mountain in Bolivia where their ancestors landed with their owners, the Quechua Indians, when they escaped from Machu Picchu as the Spaniards invaded the Inca Empire in Peru. You won’t see them on the mountain unless you look very close, but you will hear them giggling.

 A very old legend tells of their unbelievable size and their truly unusual job, protecting a treasure of gold left behind on the mysterious rocky mountain by their owners of long ago. Every night they sit by their fires, near where they think the treasures are buried. But, one day they hear of a new Light on the mountain that never burns out. Even though Chi Chi and Fi Fi are supposed to stay well hidden during the day, they decide to venture down the mountain to peer in the missionaries’ windows. That is when their dangerous adventure begins.

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Really Rare Rabbits Book Trailer 
from Joy Media Productions 

Peggy enjoys freelance writing and contributes to Christian publications regularly including, Thriving Family: Focus on the Family, Jill Brisco’s magazine, Just Between Us, and  She’s also been published in six anthologies.
Look for her stories in the following anthologies. All are available on
Angels, Miracles and Heavenly Encounters, by James Stuart Bell is available in Barnes and Noble and  on Amazon, as well as Christian book stores. Included is Peggy’s story, Machine Guns and Sleeping Ghosts.
Grandparenting Through Obstacles, by Reneé Gray-Wilburn and Dianne E. Butts. This award winning and best seller book is a tool to help grandparents reach their grandchildren for Christ. In Peggy’s story, I like Jesus, she shares ideas for long-distant grandparenting.
I Believe in Healing by Cecil Murphey is an account of God’s healing in the lives of the authors included in the book. Peggy’s story, Freaky Face gives God the glory for her miraculous healing on the mission field.
God Still Meets Needs by Mark Littleton. The author gathered together a number of great stories proving God still meets needs even today. Peggy’s story is Minute Vacations.
Grandmother, Mother and Me by Donna Goodman is a collection of stories, recipes and prayers. Peggy’s story, In My Grandmother’s Eyes is a tribute to a wonderful grandmother.

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