Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Perfect Landing

How can we board a plane and peacefully glide or turbulently bump to our final destination? Once we arrive, how can we peacefully glide or bump through any other frightening circumstance in our lives? I found the answer descending from 30,000 feet.

Do you like to fly? I can't imagine counting the days until I board a plane because I am looking forward to it. I never look forward to squeezing myself into a small, uncomfortable seat to endure many hours of international flights. And, let's not forget turbulence. I'd rather have a root canal.

Of course, we've all heard that landing and take-offs are the dangerous parts of the flight. Does that give you comfort? Not me. On landings and take-offs, my knuckles turn white from clutching the armrests, and my heart reaches the rate of a marathon runner about to cross the finish line.

I once drove to the airport with a physics teacher. She explained all the aerodynamics of flying. "Flying is the safest means of transportation," she said. Did I feel safer boarding after that conversation? Not. A. Bit.

Last February, my husband and I boarded a plane to the States–– both scheduled for surgery. My cataracts progressed rapidly and in the span of just three months, I lost most of my vision. Weeks before our flight, we witnessed God's guidance to the right doctors at the right time for my husband and me. After three years of every kind of treatment for my husband's damaged nerve in his back, God miraculously put us in touch with a surgeon who had the answer we needed. We soared through the heavens (flying again) to arrive for our first appointments a few days later. Not my favorite thing, flying. It might be my most dreaded thing to do.

As we descended to our first destination and layover, I chatted with my husband about the events of the last few weeks before we left "home". We praised God together for answered prayers and the hope we both had for life without pain for him and good vision for me. God orchestrated our plans for good. My thoughts recalled God's guidance, love for us, and His faithfulness. My heart rejoiced as I recounted His answers to our prayers. My mind overflowed with thoughts of Him.

Suddenly, the wheels of the plane touched the ground. I hadn't noticed we were descending until I felt the bump of the landing. The circumstances around me (landing) had vanished as I praised God and fully had my mind on Him.

I know there will always be sad, bad, and frightening circumstances coming. But when they come, I'll remember that day of the perfect landing and once again fix my mind on Him instead of my circumstances.

How about you? Are your peacefully gliding or turbulently bumping today? If you're like me, bumpy comes often. Do you wonder how or where you'll land after the bumps? I found the answer to the perfect landing. Have you?

Isaiah 26:3 "Thou shall keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee,"