Monday, January 8, 2018

Holiday Stories

I'm excited to share the cover of the first book of my new children's series, Hooray  for Holidays, Book 1 second edition, available on Amazon this Summer/Fall.

Start the new year off reading about Quasimodo's new hairy, scary friend—a cat and a tarantula. And, finish the year celebrating with a lost Quechua boy and a llama on Christmas Day during a rainstorm in a mountain cave. The complete series includes three stories per book with a total of four books. They will be released quarterly in 2018––starting in January.

The heart-warming holiday stories with adorable animal antics, history tidbits, and Bible principles plus beautiful artwork will delight children and stretch their imagination. And, adults will recall historical facts forgotten from their grade school days.

Each page incorporates real-life animals and critters in and around our ministry base, Rumi Rancho, as the main characters. While learning history and Bible principles, children will giggle at the humorous and whimsical animals and critters that will find a place in their hearts forever. 

This little guy is in every illustrations, but he's hiding. Kids will love searching for him throughout the series. Why is he blue? You'll have to wait to read his story. 

Will be available on Amazon––newly revised, second edition this Summer/Fall.