Monday, July 22, 2013

Retrieve the Rabbits

The rabbits are missing! Praying they'll be found in the next few days. The third week in June, 50 rabbit books were sent to my daughter's house for me. They haven't arrived yet. We can't track them because they were sent regular mail. The Post Office told us it could take up to three weeks––even though it shouldn't take that long.

This isn't the first episode of the missing rabbit tale. Books were also sent to us in Bolivia. It took two months for them to arrive––usually it takes one month for packages to arrive. When they finally arrived, the package had been opened, the books were cut in half, and then the package was sealed again and sent on to us.

When I arrived in St. Louis in June, there had been a mix-up and forty other books didn't arrive for me. Now I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever be able to post that picture of me opening a box of my books. Usually, that happens right after the release of the book. At this rate, I may be posting a picture of the arrival of my second rabbit book before the first one. But right now, I'm hoping the books arrive before we leave my daughter's house to head back to Bolivia. We only have three days left. I'd like to take books with me. And, as you can see, mailing them to Bolivia isn't the best option.

As I ponder this rabbit episode, I'm excited about the outcome––when I finally know God's thoughts about the missing rabbits. Granted, it may not be until I reach heaven, but I know the end has to be good because of Romans 8:28. My desire for the rabbit books is for them to bring children to Jesus (and those reading the books to children). It's okay if the books never arrive. God works all things according to His plan––even rabbit books.

I'm thankful that I'm not lost. No matter where I am, He is with me. There's no need to fear, He'll always guide and direct me to His destination for me. He must have a destination for the rabbit books. Whether they arrive for me or to others who would need to hear of His love, the rabbits are on the right trail–– right where God wants them to be. It's wonderful to know Him and be where He wants us to be––that's where we find joy and contentment, even if our rabbits are missing!

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