Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A Veterans Day Story

Three Stories in one book.

Hooray for Holidays Book 4: Veteran’s Day Special-needs Cat, Thanksgiving Blue Mouse, and Christmas Llama Ride

Celebrate Veteran’s Day with Gypsy, a special-needs cat. She can’t hear, but she knows sign language. Gypsy’s best buddy, Quasi, is also a special needs cat. Because of an injury from a fall, Quasi can’t jump, climb to high places or run. But, he can help Gypsy when she’s in danger. When a threat arises, Quasi risks his life to keep Gypsy safe––just like our veterans did for us.

Next, enjoy the first Thanksgiving Day with the McBlew family. They are a family of blue mice, but they also have another strange family uniqueness. On a long voyage in a big boat, the Mayflower, they meet their new friend, Sarah, who keeps them hidden and safe in the belly of the ship. Arriving in the New World, they face many dangers, but their new friend, Squanto, helps them.

Finally, experience Christmas Day with Paco, a little Quechua boy. When Paco treks up the mountain with his sheep, thunder suddenly roars and raindrops splash. He runs for cover and almost falls down a slippery cliff. Bolting to a nearby cave, Paco stops abruptly before entering. It’s dark inside, but that’s not what scares Paco. It’s the two bright eyes peering through the darkness that makes him shiver. Who’s there?

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